After 16 trips to this culturally rich country where I have visited no less than 20 cities I often sit back and ponder “ why do I love Turkey so much ?”
It started four years ago when I was an accidental tourist who cancelled a tour I had booked to a completely different continent all because it just didn’t feel right.
Well let me tell you, everything feels right about Turkey.

  • The sweet sticky treats that leave a few extra kilos on your hips
  • The endless miles of turquoise coast that leave you light headed from the sheer beauty of the sparkling waters. Its so bad you might be tempted to miss your flight home.
  • Great transport routes make it so easy to miss some of the best spots in the world. I travel most frequently cross country by bus so that I can sit back and relax.
  • My favourite winter drink, salep. The rich creamy winter drink is one of kind, of any cinnamon lover the smell of this drink brewing will have you hooked forever.
  • The bargains you can get at end of season sales or negotiating with market sellers. There is a skill to shopping at markets but once you have mastered it, shopping is so much fun and well worth it.
  • The friendliest people, always wanting to drink a cup of cay ( tea ) with you even if they can’t speak English
  • An overdose of turquoise, its everywhere you go and any shade of blue is my favourite colour.
  • There is so much to see, around every corner is a new adventure waiting to happen. Its a country rich in history and natural beauty and if you don’t get past the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul you will never be disappointed.
  • Such a large number of world heritage sites, I am always in awe at how ancient civilisations lived. I have crossed from one side of Turkey to the other and the number of heritage sites makes one appreciate what has been past down through the generations.
  • Traditions, the Turkish people love their traditions and stick by them vehemently. In the villages and more conservative communities women wear head scarves, the men are the head of the household, marriage ceremonies take place over a couple of days and older men can been seen walking around with a string of worry beads in their hand.
  • A culture that runs on time, is efficient and nothing is to much trouble.
    Being able to walk the streets for hours in a city as big as Istanbul is not something I can do at home. I love the feeling of freedom and safety that I feel
  • The food is delicious !! all freshly made and so tasty. I have my personal favourites but do try my best to push the boundaries and try new things every time
  • There is no bad view in Turkey, I have never looked out a window and thought “ oh thats terrible “ this also includes the general hygiene of the country. There is no rubbish strewn on the streets.
  • There is so much history in this country that lends to the beautiful architecture of the old buildings. You can see the influence from the different era’s be it the Ottoman or Byzantium.
  • Value for money, with no extra visa costs, affordable hotels that include breakfast and wifi and a very affordable public transport system even our Rand can give us an enjoyable holiday.
  • Only country in the world on two continents.Just a 10 minute boat ride and you are in Asia
  • The Hammams,this is a treat like no other. It is so worth paying the extra money to have a shirtless person scrub down, but be warned they are not gentle. You cant believe the amount of dead skin and dirt that comes off your own body. You are left feeling so smooth and silky afterwards.
  • Cay, this is the ice breaker, some call it the equaliser. No milk, with a cube of sugar served in the Turkish shaped tea cup and saucer its hot and strong. Where ever you go there is cay, serious business deals are brokered over cay. Combine it with a simit and you are living the Turkish dream.
  • Turkish delight or better known as lokum. The genuine good quality product is made with honey and not sugar. This hundred year old recipe has been mastered and nobody can resist trying and then buying even if they don’t like sweets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   So will I return again? of course I cant wait for the next trip