With the school holidays around the corner and so many families heading off to Cape Town for their annual holiday the big question is always the same “ what will we do with the kids ? “
Anyone going to Cape Town wants to have fun and at the same time do something different, not the normal shopping centre, indoor activities available in Joburg.

I went to Cape Town with my four sons aged 17, 12 and 8 year old twins and complied a list of 10 great ideas suitable for all ages. Some paying activities and others free


This fantastic outdoor adventure is 5km of exhilarating fun that starts at Signal Hill and runs down into Bo Kaap. We were then transported to the base of Table mountain to continue our adventure. The non motorised scooters that have been imported from Switzerland are perfect for a family day outing. Children 9 years and up can ride alone and younger than that are passengers. This 5km track winds through the most scenic area of Cape Town with the perfect views of Table mountain. We ended off with our professional guides letting the children have some fun with ramping in the park at the bottom. The feeling of the crisp air and freedom of flying down the mountain side was not one to be easily forgotten. At the end of the trip the guides will also offer you a selection of photos that they have taken of this memorable moment.

Rates : Solo Ticket ( 10 years and up ) R550
Passenger Ticket ( 4 – 9 years ) R290
Contact : 082 776 0557 or email capetown@scootours.co.za

Dont forget to put on sunscreen for the hot days and wear long pants and closed shoes.


City Sightseeing Bus

The best way to see the top tourist attractions and get kids educated at the same time. We did the Classic route . This one day bus ticket on the double decker bus with its open top includes City Tour to Table Mountain,Downtown Tour, Mini Peninsula Tour and the Constantia Wine Bus. The bus has a total of 15 languages and a special channel for kids.
We chose to start at the V & A Waterfront simply because its easiest to park your car there and the aquarium is there and after a long day you can enjoy a dinner at the Waterfront.
The boys loved sitting upstairs, the great thing about being a child is that every experience is just pure magic. They listened to all the commentary using their earphones and even tested me on the facts to make sure I had listened. The World of Birds is a good stop for children as is Mariners Wharf. The stop in Long street looks really small from the outside but its worth getting out, inside there is an adjoining coffee shop, toilets and the tourist info downstairs, tables and plug points to charge your electronic devices. The wifi can also come in handy. Your ticket has various discounts on it for local business’s so don’t throw it away, you can also use it for a trip on the JHB bus to receive a discount if you don’t go anywhere else.

Rates: Adults R180 ( discounted buying online )
Children 5 – 17 years R100
Kids under 5 years ( max of two per paying adult ) travel free

Boulders Beach

This was a dream come true for one of my twins. All he wanted was to see the African penguins. Situated just past Simon’s Town, this alcoved beach filled with large granite boulders that protect it from most weather conditions is the ideal spot to take children for the day. If you get there early you can secure a shady spot along the perimeter. The kids will love climbing on the rocks, and trying to befriend the penguins, even swimming alongside them if lucky enough.
The beach is not the best spot for viewing though, to see the adorable birds waddling around best to take the boardwalks which are pram and wheelchair friendly around Foxy Beach. There is a separate fee for viewing and entering the beach. At the visitors centre you will find out about these delightful birds that used to be known an Jackass Penguins and the only ones found on our continent. The best time to go is January when the juvenile birds are on the beach. Most of September and October they are out at sea feeding so the numbers are lower during the day.
We were fortunate to get up very close to them and get some great snap shots, the boys had the beach to themselves so got to have a swim with one and a young fluffy one stepped out of the bushes for us just to get his picture. Remember as friendly as they look they have razor sharp beaks and little fingers can look rather tasty.
When leaving and going back to your car take note of the sign that says look under your car for any resting birds. Souvenir’s can be bought at the shop located in the car park.

Rates: R70 per adult ( 12 years and older )
R35 per child ( 2 – 11 years )

Call : (021) 786 – 2329 Boulders Visitor Centre

Website: www.sanparks.org

The Jolly Rodger Pirate Boat

This authentic pirate boat that holds 75 passengers and is the only pirate boat in South Africa is a must do. We set out from the V & A Waterfront, the kids were given a life jacket before boarding. This rustic boat brings out the silliness in you and the hour trip is great fun for adults and children alike. With music playing and simple face painting we got to see dolphins, seals and penguins riding the swells. The skipper was well suited to his job and the two crew members dressed in their pirate regale where full of energy and silly pirate jokes. When passengers wanted info on the surrounding area they were happy to share their knowledge. The view of the harbour and Table Mountain is beautiful.
This boat is also used for private functions and I can only imagine that this is any boys dream party, I know that mine would have loved to have an authentic Pirate birthday party.

Rates : R170 Morning, Lunch and Dinner for adults
R280 for the sunset cruise for adults
R85 for children ( 0 – 12 years for Morning, Lunch and Dinner )
R140 for children for the sunset cruise ( 0 – 12 years )
The day trips are an hour long and the sunset cruise an hour and a half.
There is a cash bar available during the day trips

Call ; (021 ) 421 – 0909
Email: info@tigresse.co.za
Website: www.yacoobyachts.co.za

Feed squirrels in The Company’s Garden

Started in 1652 this beautiful lush garden with its enormous trees, green grass and fountains gives a break to the bustling noise of the city surrounding it. I remember going there as a child and feeding the squirrels and nothing has changed. On the corner of Wale street stands the beautiful old St Georges Cathedral. The stone church is currently undergoing maintenance and next to it a wooden arch was being erected at the entrance to the gardens. Once inside stop at one of the vendors and buy a pack of nuts for R5, you will definitely be needing those to befriend the little fury animals scurrying around the gardens. The squirrels are very tame and not easily fooled ( my boys tried some other treats of which they were not very impressed but their feather friends the pigeons where quite happy ) sit down and extend your hand and within minutes you will have squirrels literally eating out of the palm of your hand. Children squeal in delight when they realise they have what appears to be a wild animal sitting on them eating. We were fortunate enough o see the well know Albino squirrel by the South African National Gallery, he came out of tree for a quick snack and ran up again. The squirrels run up and down the trees, scrounge in dustbins and scurry across the grass. Dont rush through the gardens, sit down with a picnic blanket and enjoy the surroundings or go and sit at the restaurant and the children can play on the various swings made in the shapes of different bird nests

Rates : Entrance is free to the park


Warrior Toy Museum

I always wondered what i should do with my collection of teddy bears and dolls and when we walked into the toy museum in Simons Town I realised that Percy Van Zyl had the perfect idea. This 85 year old man has turned his passion into a business. He has been collecting cars and toys for the last 62 years and has been in this spot for 28 years. This delightful spot is open 7 days a week and only closes on Christmas and Easter. He is known for his signature collection of over 4500 corgies and dinkies. There are also around 400 dolls to drool over, any girls dream.Dont expect Percy to sell you any of his collection, it has been a labour of love piecing this collection together but you can admire it and reminisce over your childhood when you see Noddy and Big Ears and other characters you had forgotten about. My boys loved the model trains and toy soldiers set up in different battle grounds. I couldn’t stop admiring the dolls.

Rates: R10 per person
R5 for children under 3 years

Call: (021) 786 – 1395

The Springbok Experience Rugby Museum

This world class, modern museum is perfect for any rugby enthusiast. Its a double storey building located at the V & a Waterfront. You enter through the Springbok tunnel with loud cheers. The colouring of green and gold is the theme running throughout and the wheelchair / pram friendly access to the second floor makes it easy for everyone to access. The lower ground has interactive Kicking, passing, fitness and reaction tests. I struggled to get my boys away from these. The museum is filled with fascinating artefacts and small blurbs explaining them. The shop sells various items from branded clothing to umbrellas and more. Rugby is a religion to South Africans and this museum is the perfect way to sum it up in a nutshell and show children the history and forefathers of rugby in a fun way.

Rates : R140 for a family
R65 for adults and scholars R40
Buy online at Web tickets and receive a discount

Call : (021) 418 – 4741

Two Oceans Aquarium

There is no better place to experience both the Indian and Atlantic ocean than at the Aquarium. One of Cape Town’s top tourist destinations its a “must see “ for adults and children. With over 3000 creatures which include sharks, jelly fish, the African penguins, starfish and the Knysna seahorse make sure you have a full day booked to enjoy all the exhibits and shows on offer. Open 365 days a year you don’t need to think twice. We arrived just in time to watch the feeding of the stingrays. The divers in the tank interact with the audience and my boys had loads of questions to ask. From there we moved on to the touch and feel pool where you can hold a starfish in the water and feel the different seaweed. The Jelly Gallery has Moon and Box jellyfish on display with a glow in the dark effect, their stealth like movement can keep you mesmerised for hours. The African penguins are really friendly and in the kids play area they can be viewed up close while they swim in their tank. The 10 meter long tunnel is undoubtedly the main feature, walking through it the sharks silently swim overhead and every once in a while you hear a shriek as someone is caught off guard not realising how close they are with those tiny beady eyes watching them.

Rates: R165 Adults
R120 Children aged 14 – 17 years
R80 Children aged 4 – 13 years
Children under 4 years are free
Buy tickets online and receive a 10% discount

Call : (021) 418 – 3823



Kalk Harbour

This fishing village on the coast of False Bay can easily be missed while driving down from Simon’s Town.Its the perfect place for a lazy stroll and the kids will love the hive of activity that goes on there. In the morning the fisherman are displaying their fresh catch to eager buyers. The brightly coloured boats docked in the harbour make for a perfect picture and the lighthouse at the end of the pier adds to the mystery of the fisherman stories. The best part of this harbour though for children are the overfed seals that live here. They bask in the sun on the pier waiting for the leftovers from the days catch. Every once in a while they bark at you and dive back into the water, do a swim around for show and hop out again.
The restaurants sell some tasty fish and chips at very reasonable prices and the ocean views are beautiful.

Where : Main Road Kalk Bay, Free entrance

Signal Hill

Located next to Lions Head, this flat- topped mountain is known for the spot to go for sundowners at sunset. On a warm evening take a picnic blanket and watch the sunset over the ocean with Robben Island in the distance. It was named Signal Hill because it was the site for flying flags to communicate weather conditions . During the day the Noon gun is fired from here. It overlooks the colourful and historical Bo-Kaap. My sons were trying to catch the guinea fowl that were running around but quickly gave up as it was clear these fowl are used to this game. So we moved over to the big yellow frame positioned perfectly with Table Mountain in the background and patiently waited our turn for our family picture.
The Red City bus goes up here in the evening so it gets busy, make sure you take something warm and a flask of coffee as with typical Cape weather it changes rapidly.

Rates: Free entrance and parking.