The outside appearance of this building is very deceiving, it doesn’t look like much and I have driven past it 100 times because it doesn’t jump out at you. But let me tell you, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I finally stopped and went into this sprawling second – hand 8 floor building owned by brothers Jonathan and Geoffrey Klass since 1974.They started out in 44 Stanley Avenue and moved to their current premises around 19 years ago.

As I entered this delightful chaos I held my breath in sheer excitement, there were books everywhere!! I didn’t know where to look first. This is a book lovers dream come true.

Any intrepid reader or someone who wants to step out of the rush of the concrete jungle should take a step into this Aladdin’s cove. You can easily get lost in the small alcoves of books and silence as you travel through bygone eras.Filled with narrow corridors and shelves packed to capacity there is an estimate of between 1 – 2 million books. Various corners have a bright orange chair for you to sit on while you enjoy the pleasures of the vast collection of books.

The shop has the largest collection of first editions, leather bound books and rare editions. Aside from the books they have old postcards, small antiques, and a room filled with around 300000 vinyl’s and 78rpm records. I even came across a rack of very old wine with layers of dust on it.

I felt like a child again as nostalgia set in when I discovered vinyls like The Beetles, Huey Lewis and the News and an old collection of books by Mark Twain including Tom Sawyer. I was hoping to see the Elvis vinyl, having been to his home twice in Memphis i have always loved his music.

The ultimate find for me was the section of old leather bound books, I don’t think I have ever seen so many in one room. Out of respect to the books one doesn’t want to even handle them out of fear that they may fall apart. The musty smell is addictive and leaves you with an appreciation for the fine work that lies between the pages.

This amazing collection can only be attributed to a true passion. The brothers can point out exactly what you are looking for, there is a system in this store. Only 4 floors are open to the public but even those four will occupy your day. The lift has boxes of books in it which enjoy their ride up and down all day long listening to many interesting conversations I am sure.

The shop has rightly earned the title of the largest used and rare book shop in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere.

“ Books are a uniquely portable magic “ – Stephen King


Collectors Treasury can be found at 244 Commissioner Street.
Call (011) 334 – 6556
Hours: Monday to Friday 9h00 to 17h00
Saturdays 10h00 to 13h00