Nacho’s have a soft spot for me. So when I stumbled across this quirky venue set in a courtyard type feel with lush greenery and vibrant colours for decor I got supper excited.
They have been open for 3 weeks now. This latest addition to the Mexican come Latino collection in Joburg is owned by twin brothers Marc and Marcel. They are in partnership here with the Katy’s Palace crowd.
Now aged 25 years, these brother’s have grown up in the restaurant industry. Their father’s friend who is a restauranteur , allowed them to work for him from the age of 12, so it was a natural progression to move into this business.

Back to the tasty food, the nacho’s served with guacamole, sour cream and salsa with a generous cheese topping cost R40, what a bargain. The nacho chips used had a slight saltiness to them, combined with the oil from the cheese gave it the extra touch.
My son had the Quesadilla de pollo y queso – these are filled with chicken, and when I say filled with chicken I mean from corner to corner and not just a sprinkling, as well as cheddar, mozzarella and salsa for R80.

If you aren’t hungry still go there to see the great decor.The bar with its bright mural of Frieda Kahlo and pink bar stools is an instant eye catcher. On entering you walk past a wall filled with bright frames of various characters and scenes. These are to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico which runs from 28 October until 2 November. the belief is that the deceased have divine permission to visit friends and relatives on earth and enjoy once again the pleasures of life.

If this is not enough go into Amatoli Artefacts and browse amongst their rustic decor items, old Indian doors, beautiful African photos and glass beaded jewellery. With three levels you need time to enjoy the space.

The wifi was not up and running, but who needs wifi in a spot like this when there is so much for the eye to see. The relaxing atmosphere pulls you away form the need to be constantly attached to technology.

Open Monday to Sunday with varying times normally 8am except for Sunday which is 9am and closing at 6pm or later, pop in and have a drink.

Address: 6 Desmond street Kramerville

Call : 071 687 4611