The sophistication of afternoon tea, or what is better known as High Tea is associated with luxury establishments around the city. Any hotel that offers a high tea is automatically assumed to be elegant so when the opportunity arose for myself and my eldest son to attend the Lindt high tea at the Legacy’s opulent Michelangelo Hotel we knew that we would be enthralled by the nostalgic feeling another era with the modern day delights

Although no longer a Victorian event, it is still an occasion to dress for. The purpose of a high tea is to sit back and sip on your tea and relax. The soft lighting and gentle background music all lend to creating the perfect atmosphere. It is a time in the day when there is no need for technology like wifi, after all in the Victorian era there was none, instead you are supposed to enjoy the company of your partner while you indulge in the scrumptious selection of afternoon snacks before tucking into the wide spread of sweet treats.

On arrival Godfrey showed us to our seats and explained how the buffet worked and the selection of teas. I opted for a pot of Vanilla Bourbon tea, this Rooibos tea blended with Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar gave a smooth finish.The fragrant and aromatic smell of the vanilla allowed me to enjoy the light texture while cupping the tea.We were seated next to a window that looked out onto Nelson Mandela Square so we could enjoy watching the children frolic in the water fountains and the countless visitors pose with the statue of Nelson Mandela.

Close to our table was a birthday party for a little girl, it made me realise how this venue was not only perfect for adults but also for little girls who fantasise about their Mad Hatter tea parties. These little girls where all dressed up in their best party attire, by special arrangement you can have a chocolate torte served on a bed of dry ice, the effect looks like a cloud of smoke rising out from underneath with Happy Birthday written in chocolate on the plate

We started off with the mouth watering selection of dainty finger sandwiches, miniature filled croissants, sushi, miniature beef skewers, cheese and biscuits and so much more. After this we moved onto the dessert table, the temptation was to great after walking past the beautiful presentation. Fortunately the majority of desserts are prepared in miniature portions so you can fill your plate with a selection as one must taste all of them. From fresh scones with jam and cream, to the best tasting creme brûlée I have ever had, hot pudding, red velvet cake, chocolate mousse and so much more.

Then just when you think you are going to burst, your eyes drifts over to the Lindt chocolate fountain. The flow of chocolate is irresistible and you know that you have to find a small spot somewhere in your stomach to squeeze in the final dipped strawberry and marshmallow covered in the fresh Lindt chocolate. You can even include a macaron( which originated in France ) or a cube of coconut ice.

Besides the ambience and the wonderful selection of food, I was very happy to not have my food arrive on the standard 3 tier setting one would expect for a tea. Walking around the room and mingling amongst other guests as well as choosing your own food adds to the over all vibe and probably helps wiggle the food around a bit as you get some exercise so that you can squeeze in “ just one more bite “

Treat yourself and your partner or even your girlfriends to a high tea on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It is recommended to make a reservation before hand.

Address: The Michelangelo Hotel, 135 West Street, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandown, Sandton
Call : ( 011) 282 – 7069 or 7463
Times : 14h30 until 16h30 Saturday and Sunday
Cost : R295 per person