If you have a sweet tooth then this is the perfect spot.
Tucked away in the corner on the upper level of The Zone in the food court, this is Jo’burgs new best kept secret.
The dessertery originates from KZN, the same guys behind Wakaberry came up with this drool dropping selection of sugar overload. With three branches in KZN, the Zone is the first to have a franchise in Gauteng. Werner and Carla Litton are the franchisee’s of this store.
The street desserts are so yummy that you wont know which one to choose, or the more reason to return a second and probably a third time.
The simple menu makes it easy to select your preferred flavour and filling, and you can either have it as a take away or as a sit down and enjoy it with a cup of coffee or one of the bottles of collectable “ Its not made in China “ water with catchy city branding on them. The idea of street food is that little to no cutlery is needed and the food is easy to hold
There are no less than 5 bubble waffle machines so the turn around time of these is rather fast. You can choose one of the nine varieties and the red coloured waffle that was a Valentines special just made it more difficult to choose.The bubble waffle originates from Hong Kong ( known as gai daan zap meaning Hong Kong Cake ) and looks like large bubble wrap in food form, and the churros and tacos from Mexico.
The price is right for this type of treat. There is no wifi here, all the more reason to sit with a bestie and catch up on news and lick your lips as you finish off the last crumbs in this trending new hangout.

You can contact Plan B on (011) 327 – 6133 or www.planbdessertery.com