This city is considered to be the oldest city in the world and the beginning of human history. There are so many reasons to visit from be able to see the Balikligol Statue that is 12 000 years old , the Gobekliptepe Temple which was the archaeological find of the century or the historical city of Harran, where the first university of the world was founded. There is the Ataturk dam which is the 6th biggest in the world and biggest dam in Turkey and then my personal favourite, the black rose of Helfeti. There is so much to see in this city that one visit will never be enough, but if its your first time this is a good taste of some major “ must do’s “

Stay at the Hilton Hotel
This comfortable and modern hotel is in the perfect location to see all the major tourist attractions. The fantastic buffet breakfast, wifi throughout, heated swimming pool, a sauna, fitness room and the english was enough for me to get by.
Walk to AVM
located right behind the hotel its perfect for an evening stroll, as with all malls in Turkey it closes  at 10pm. You will find all the major food spots on the upper floor and a good selection of stores.There is a kids play area which is good for families.
Walk to SanliUrfa Museum
The attempts to establish a museum in Sanliurfa date back to 1948 when the ancient arts for a museum started to be collected. The foundation was laid in 1965, it is the 5th largest museum in Turkey with 74 000 ancient arts. IN 2014 it wa moved to new building because of the high volume of artworks . The worlds oldest Known 12 000 year old statue is found at the old museum. At the
main entrance there is a great resturant, make sure you eat their fried ice cream, its delicious.
Holy Fish
Balikligol which is located in the northern direction of the castle is the place where where Abraham was thrown into the fire by King Nimrod for reprimanding him of idolatry. Legend has it that, God turned the burning fire into water and burning red hot coals into fish, thus saving Abraham’s life. From then on the Pool and the Holy Fish that live in the water have become a place of holy pilgrimage for Muslims. You can buy food from one of the sellers along the edge of water and feed the fish.
View Urfa Castle
Ii is thought that the castle was established on a Neolithic field belonging to 9500BC. Construction was between 812 – 814 AD. Restoration was done in 2010. It is worth the steep climb to see the amazing panoramic views of the city. It is best to go early in the morning or late afternoon because the heat is a killer if you choose midday and all those steps.
Lunch at the Museum restaurant
Next to the SanliUrfa Museum is a restaurant not to be missed. One should always try the local food but I confess that the fried ice cream here is just delicious. Seating is indoors and outdoors and the normal local food is available. The staff speak Turkish, English and Arabic. This is a good stop before going into the museum.
Photograph a grass dustbin
Although not part of the historic views in the city I found this amusing that the city had taken the time to make their dustbins attractive. They line the streets looking all smart in their fake grass,its not often one wants a selfie with a dustbin. It brings a lot more greenery to the city
Throw a leaf at the fish – they devour it
At the end of the fish lake there is a little shop in the corner that sells a beautiful array of vibrantly coloured clothes. In the middle of the shop there is a small pool with a low fence around it and you can view a mass of the holy fish. Ask a local to feed them leaves ( they take them from the surrounding trees), the fish create a frenzy as the tear the leaves to sheds and gobble them up
Stop and talk to the locals – have a child sing for you
Close to Aynzeliha Lake where rumour has it that Zeliha could not not handle the pain of Ibrahim being thrown into the fire, so she also threw herself into the fire from the site where the Urfa Castle stands. The spot where she fell into the fire is where this lake occurred. Aynzeliha means tears of Zeliha. Surrounding this lake you will encounter many young child who will sing their hearts out for you for a coin or two. It is a serious job for them and I felt like they sing from the
tips of their toes.
Help a family / child in need – give them a pen
In Urfa you will encounter many children from Syria. Take the time to have a meal with them and give them a pen and paper. You will be surprised at how friendly and well behaved they are.They don’t want money but are so grateful for something useful. Have them write for you and chat to them about their life. It makes one realise how fortunate we are.

This pilgrimage town and spiritual centre is where the Prophets Job and Abraham left their marks. The call to prayer at the Dergah complex of mosques and the Holy Golbasi area will be a magical moment that will leave you want to return to explore more of this ancient city