If its authentic Turkish food you are looking for in a relaxed atmosphere then you have come to the right spot. Its the first of its kind in South Africa, a Turkish restaurant set inside a shopping centre. found inside The Mall of Africa, the location is ideal, set on the perimeter of the mall with a pond of water outside you don’t have the stuffy indoors feel.

It opened its doors 6 months ago, and is a sister restaurant to the Kream group. The name of the restaurant was carefully chose, Turkish people are known for being nomadic in their history and the main seating area is designed to look like the inside of a tent with a beautiful mural of a Turkish nomadic women painted as a backdrop. Her piercing green eyes radiate calm and beauty.

Friday and Saturday nights the restaurant comes alive with belly dancers adding to the already electric atmosphere from patrons sipping on wine that has been paired with the extensive menu offering both Turkish cuisine and seafood.

Anyone who has been to Turkey knows that you must try a kebab. My personal favourite is the Iskender Kebab and I was not disappointed. Served in the traditional way with thins slices of beef and lamb on a bed of flat bread, a side of yoghurt and vegetables with the special hot tomatoe sauce that is poured over when delivered to the table.
For the less hungry try the Turkish pizza Lahmacun , this is a thin dough topped with lamb mince , diced onions , tomatoes . parsley , peppers, garlic and served with salad and freshly squeezed lemon. Basically a Turkish pizza – you place the salad inside , roll it up and eat it with you hands. This was also delicious.
If you have space after this meal you need to end off with a Turkish dessert “ tatli” . I tried the kazandibi , which is a traditional caramelised milk pudding served with ice cream, not very sweet you are left feeling light but if you want something more sugary there is the sticky baklava and a few other options.

The restaurant employs two Turkish chefs. The head chef comes from Gaziantep in Turkey. Having been there I know the food from that region is undeniably some of the best in the country so patrons are in good hands while he works his magic in the open kitchen.

There is a room for private function hire that seats around 20 people and an outdoor smoking area. The staff are friendly and efficient and keep just enough distance so as to not irritate you.

If its a Eastern Experience you want then this is the restaurant, owned by Turkish people with Turkish food cooked by Turkish Chefs you could almost be mistaken for thinking you have landed in Turkey.


(010) 786 – 0250