Located in the Northern Cape this town has always tickled the fancy of many South Africans. One would assume the town is named after the poisonous snake the puffadder. In actual fact its named after a local Koi-Koi chief called Klaas Pofadder who lived and died here. He died in a hail of bullets.

It is on the main route from Upington to Springbok heading towards the Namibian border. This dry town should not be overlooked, anyone on a road trip should spend a night and visit the many exciting attractions in town. In Spring time its a definite “ stop over “ point to enjoy the wild daisies that add a splash of colour to the otherwise drab landscape. It is said that there are about 4000 species of plant seeds that await germination depending on the weather

Stay at Pofadder Hotel

This cozy hotel with good air con for the hot , dry summer has 34 spacious hotel rooms. We stayed in a family room that opened out onto the lovely large pool surrounded by a lush garden and a public bar. The rooms had a TV, tea and coffee facilities. The onsite restaurant caters for locals and visitors, with their light meals and a la carte menu you don’t need to go elsewhere if you are tired. Wifi worked best in reception and there was private, secure parking. I loved the fact
that it was on a main road in this Dorp so sitting in reception in the morning I could watch the locals go about their daily activities and listen to their animated conversations

Eat breakfast at Pofadder Kontrei Winkel

On the N14 is the petrol station that has the Oase Bakkery and shop inside. Work began around April 2018 on the inside to extend the shop and adding the beautiful Osawa .With all the freshly made bread and pastries it was the perfect addition for this town.The smell of fresh bread is enough to lure anyone into this delightful store. Taking a step back in time you will find old Landbou Weekblads from January 1978. A farmers breakfast is the best way to go for a good start to the day. While waiting for your breakfast browse through the homemade goodies in the store. The t-shirts caught my eye reading “ Pofadder is n bleary leaker plek “ and the succulents made perfect gifts to take home. The store is a constant hive of activity with locals popping in for a chat or just buying airtime.

Hug a quiver tree

These beautiful trees are probably the best known aloe found in South Africa and Namibia and are magnificent. They have smooth branches which are covered with a thin layer of whitish powder that helps to reflect the suns hots rays. The bark on the trunk forms beautiful brown scales however the edges are razor sharp.The crown of these trees is densely rounded with blue-green leaves and they have bright yellow flowers from June to July. They are found in the arid parts of the Karoo like Namaqualand. The weaver birds love to breed in these trees because of the protection that they provide. Look out for some of the older ones, they get really big. if you can wrap your arms around them they make a great photo

Leave your name on the wall in Quality Pub and Grill

Not only a pub it is also a coffee shop and a private collection of some amazing antiques that one can drool over.Owned by Basie and Joan Nieuwoudt and opened on the 31 August 2013 it is frequented by locals and tourists. The bar area has a pool right in the middle , perfect for a summer dip and the walls have the markings of many tourists that have passed through over the years. The menu has a good selection, we were spoilt for choice so undecided we settled on a drink at the the bar instead. From the road make sure you look our for the sign of the coffee shop as its another “ must do “

Metal shopping

Across the road from the KontreWinkel on a huge piece of open land is the metal work done by a local man that lives in the location. I had a chat to his wife and she told me that prices range from R100 – R300 for the average sizes of work. With the brightly coloured flags flying its easy to see that this spot is aimed at passing tourism. A favourite for me is always the families of warthogs with their upright tails. Get down on you knees in the Karoo dirt and appreciate the hours of hard work that have gone into making these animals of Africa. The perfect souvenir to take home from Pofadder and at the same time you are supporting local industry.

Dont rush through this small town in Bushmanland. Travel the back roads also and admire the beautiful churches ( there are plenty ) It is arid and sparsely populated,the countryside is the perfect setting for sunset photos with sheep that dot the rugged land and windmills the spin with dilapidated fins.


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