Istanbul is becoming one of the top spots to visit in the world again and its fantastic for South African’s as we don’t need to buy a visa and its extremely affordable for us. One of the many reasons I have already been there 24 times and counting.

Now Istanbul has out done itself again, not only is it the only city in the world to be located on two continents it has completed phase one of the new airport dubbed “ the worlds most technologically advanced airport in the world “ can one even comprehend the size of this new airport ? Home to its national carrier Turkish Airlines who started out in 1933 with only 5 aircraft they are now the fastest growing commercial airline in the world, flying to 120 countries.

The secret may be in its location, situated on the European side of the city close to the Black sea one couldn’t ask for a better place to start a dream holiday.
Turkey has the advantage of its natural geographical layout, one minute you are in Europe and within ten minutes you are in Asia. There is also the plus point of being able to fly to more than 50 countries within 3 hours flying time.

The new airport gives you the benefit of being close to the epicentre of bustling Istanbul, with a fantastic public transport system you can hop off your flight and onto numerous modes of public transport to get you to your final destination.

Istanbul is the gateway to Turkey, and the new airport with its advanced technology will be able to handle at least 90 million passengers a year. Personally I love the vibe of a big airport, being a people watcher, the bigger an airport is the more energy there is and I could sit for hours sipping on a cup of coffee listening to conversations.

An airport of this size overflowing with different cultures can only enhance your travel experience . A seasoned traveller can only imagine the vibrant shopping, the sounds of tourists chatting with excitement, the smells of perfumes as women spritz them at the various duty free stores and once all done and dusted, you have worked up such an appetite the diverse selection of restaurants will tantalise your taste buds.

With expansive spaces and state of the art fittings the airport is any travellers dream even if its only for a stop over to an onward destination. The experience will meet all of your needs and far exceed your expectations.

The worlds biggest airport opened on the 29 October 2018. If you are a traveller you are going to pass through it some time on one of your journeys and when you do, you will fall in love with the modern spaces and shopping meca.