Airport Ambience
The pleasant , airy airport is rapidly becoming the most loved airport in the world. With a great vibe, sleek design, a focus on wellbeing and clever technology one is excited about being transported anywhere in the world. The largest airport terminal building under a single roof you will find there is loads of exploring and walking to be enjoyed.

Getting to your hotel is easy and relaxing after a comfortable flight. Ensure you have bought an Istanbul Kart at one of the many machines alongside the buses. The card can be used for all public transport in Istanbul and is cheaper than paying per trip. Havaist airport shuttle service operates on several lines between the air port and spots all over Istanbul. The buses are comfortable with TV services, WiFi, and a USB charging port. Trips take an average of an hour depending on traffic, the timetable on their official website will help one plan their arrival and departure times.

Massive concourses enhance a travellers sense of direction, with 75 – foot – high vaulted ceilings and natural light the high – tech terminals improve the traveller experience aesthetically and logistically

Duty free
Operating in retail business for over 30 years, Unifree Duty Free has a total sales area of 55,000 square metres. This includes elite boutique shops, classical duty free and the bazaar area.The speciality concept stores found inside the ‘ Old Bazaar “ offer everything passengers like about Turkey. Be it a box of lokum, tea, dried fruit and nuts, ceramics, textiles or beautiful Turkish lamps. Besides the bazaar type shopping there are also leading brand stores, Louis Vuitton is by far the most spectacular and dare i say the most beautiful shop exterior in the travel retail world. With at least 24 shops, travellers are spoilt for choice.

The airport lounges are full of entertainment but my personal favourite is the the grand piano that never tires of playing, there is no better way to enjoy the gentle melodies that flow out of the self playing piano than to get a cup of coffee and sit close by. It has moved over from Ataturk airport and continues to put a smile on passengers faces when they enter the lounge, it adds new melodies to its repertoire.

Food and beverage
Enjoy a lavish hot and cold buffet inside the various lounges as well as a self – serve bar. In the main lounge you can watch the chefs prepare meals surrounded by small cafe type tables and chairs. There are food stations all over the lounges which include a large selection of salads, spreads, soups and hot dishes. The dessert spread is mouth watering and quenching your thirst is easy with ample fridges offering a variety of drinks and coffee stations that offer espressos , cappochinos and anything in between.

Golf stimulators
Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know that a golf simulator can be found in the Turkish Airlines lounge, it was added to coincide with the airlines sponsorship of the Turkish Airlines Open golf tournament. The high- tech stimulator allows players to practise their swing using real golf clubs while looking at the screen as one is hitting the ball.
H- Shape
This single terminal building , is laid out with five different piers. One is domestic and the other four are international . The building is roughly H shaped with an extra pier in the middle. The airport was built to reflect the style of Istanbul’s doomed mosques and baths , while the air traffic control tower’s elliptical shape is inspired by a tulip, a centuries – old important cultural symbol in Turkish lore. Views of the tarmac and runways are sheer happiness for plane spotters.
The most populous city in Turkey and probably most famous, as it transcends its exclusive geographical quirk by being a showcase for how two contrasting cultures – East and West – can mingle as one and flourish. The best way to explore this cosmopolitan city is by foot. The winding cobbled streets and brightly coloured houses are some of the fun attractions. The city has a real sense of tradition and authenticity and is perfect for people watches with little cafes dotted all over.

Jewellery Stores
A unique shopping experience with a variety of stores that sell jewellery. Look out for the distinctive Turkish style accessories with classic handcrafted designs from the Ottoman Empire or spoil yourself with some fine gold pieces.
Kids Playground
In the Smiles & Miles lounge the children’s playground is a magical wonderland. With an airplane for them to climb inside, popcorn machines and kiddie movies to watch . Ideal for the children to burn some energy before embarking on their flight.
Inside the C.I.P lounge the amenities rival most 5 star hotels , bright, airy and with multiple playrooms with balls, toys, video games and bean bag chairs. Outside the playrooms, there’s a Scalextric slot car race track where parents can challenge their children to a road rally through the streets of Istanbul.

Consisting of 2550 books , the library is found in the domestic flights terminal . A selection of books that encompasses literature, children’s books, english books, magazines and 500 Nobel Prize-winning books. Once a passenger has membership they can borrow a book and either return it back to the library or any other public library in Turkey.
Modern Museum Art
Art lovers can enjoying browsing the art at one of the two art exhibition centres within the airport. One features a photographic history of the development of the airport and the other photography. Istanbul Modern Art Museum has showcased 38 works of art in the Turkish Airlines Business lounge, the exhibition brings together important examples reflecting four main trends of Turkish modern art.
Available throughout the airport there is a selection of both Turkish and English print newspapers. The hard copies can be found in the various lounges so that passengers can enjoy sitting back and reading about daily events while simultaneously enjoying a drink.

Open 24/7 the new airport became operational on 29 October 2018 and is the only airport on the European side of Istanbul for commercial passenger airlines. This new aviation mega-hub reinforces the country historical role as a bridge between East and West. As a pivot between key routes across Europe, Asia and the Middle East it has been designed to handle as many as 200 million passengers annually once it runs at full capacity by 2050.
Pray rooms
There is a total of 44 prayer rooms available throughout the airport. 22 each for men and women. Part of the airports expansion includes a plan to build a Mosque.

Quiet areas
Designed to be a quiet space the airport does not have ambient music and the acoustics are hushed. The intimate public lounges offer quiet spaces to relax . Selections range from recliners to day beds to cabanas, putting ones feet up and having a quick snooze between connecting flights or the start of a journey couldn’t be more comforting.

Lavish displays of sweets, pastries, slow turning lamb or chicken and the fresh smell of bread complimented with steaming hot Turkish coffee or tea it guarantees to evoke the history of the Ottoman Empire.The various venues in the food court are impressive with their offerings and pay homage to the county’s rich food culture. There are the standard fast food venues, however the renowned Turkish food is far more impressive.

Luxury shopping mall is the best way to describe the retail spaces. If its retail therapy you require you are in the right place. The modern concept offers selected international brands, this one-of-a kind shopping experience with its exclusive stores for luxury, fashion and lifestyle provides passengers access to the latest innovations in not only fashion but also technology.

Tourism and Touristanbul
Sightseeing in Istanbul is an obvious start to any holiday planned in Turkey. There are approximately 20 tourism services and travel agencies scattered throughout the airport, they not only assist with Istanbul sightseeing but with any other places you intend on visiting while in Turkey. All international transfer passengers who have flights with Turkish Airlines through Istanbul can participate in the free Touristanbul service. To make use of this fabulous perk, connection times between flights should not be longer than 24 hours and shorter than 6 hours. The perfect way to discover some of the top sights in this melting pot of a city with a diversity of cultures and taste Turkey’s world renowned cuisine. Istanbul is vibrant and bustling , the city beats to its own tune so this walking tour is the best way to be a part of it. The informative tour guides will be with your all the way and your bus will take you right back to the airport to board your connecting flight.

Uniquely Turkish
Warmly welcoming the airport ensures all passengers experience the unique Turkish hospitality in both service and food. In the lounges there are areas that bring out the culture whether it be the fabrics used on seating, stone work around some cooking stations or the traditional round silver tables.

Virtual reality experiences
Fleet of humanoid robots specially designed for the airport are a first for Turkish airports. The size of a small child , the eggshell-blue machines have bright digital faces with cartoonish round eyes. With a touch screen attached to their chest that allows people to interact with the machine these friendly robots can point passengers in the right direction and assist with flight schedules.
WI- FI password generator
Free wifi is available at the airport but is tricky, you require an sms to activate it. So either your phone is on roaming or else y0u need a Turkish sim card. The lounges provide voucher wifi, the wifi generator machine requires you to scan your boarding pass and it will give you a username and password to log in with. It worked the first time for me, so I found it to be hassle free.

X- ray
When passing through passport control you will take of shoes and anything metal , so normally the bling items for women. However if you still “ beep “ when going through the detector you will be called over to the full body X – Ray scanner where a person puts there hands up in the air and the scanner rotates around your body The body imaging , or millimetre wave imaging machines scan a passenger on all sides and transmit the image of the passengers body to the security agent. The object is to identify if there are any concealed items.
Yotel – Boutique hotel
Due to the location of the new airport there are not many hotels in the vicinity, YOTEL found inside the airport is the best choice if you have an early morning or late evening departure. There are two of them, one is airside and the other is landside. Ergonomically designed with high – tech pod- like rooms that feature monsoon rain showers, remote control fold up beds, smart TV’S, 24/7 gym , self service breakfast and free wifi the convenience and location is worth the price.

Wavy ceilings and sizeable space between gates makes the public spaces enjoyable. Zones through out the airport include duty free shopping zone, nap zones with round couches , lounge chairs that have bamboo privacy walls and day beds. There is the food zone, play zone for children and so the categorised areas continue. All are cleverly designed with ample lighting and state of the art fixtures.
Istanbul airport is a travellers playground , catering to all tastes no passenger will pass through it without feeling that their journey comprised of luxury and comfort.

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