Sharon Le Roux of Curvaceous Photography specialises in women with curves. In my opinion boudoir photography must be the best confidence booster . It empowers women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Every women could learn to love herself more and be less critical.

Sharon and her superb team help eliminate all of those insecurities and fear as they bring out your inner goddess. This in turn becomes an immediate confidence booster . The make – up team literally transforms you into a beauty queen, bringing out the hidden inner beauty and hiding any imperfections. Sharon talks to her clients throughout the photoshoot, boudoir shoots are as much about stories as they are about photography.

Sharon has always been a visually stimulated person, so photography was a natural progression for her from a young age. She only started calling herself a professional photographer four years ago though because she felt she had to earn that title by completing her International Diploma in Photography. Besides her diploma, Sharon has also completed various courses and had the privilege of working with great names and ambassadors in the industry which has been priceless education.Specialising in curvaceous women , she not only makes a voluptuous women feel uber sexy , she also allows them to explore their femininity in five star settings.

Curvaceous Photography has become synonymous with sophistication and tasteful glamour. Sharon aims at empowering women, not only do her photos flatter they create the “ wow “ effect , and strengthen the women through their awareness of self worth and self – discovery.

What makes Curvaceous Photography so special?

Sharon is the only photographer in South Africa who can say “ I specialise in curvy or fuller figures.” There are very specific techniques when it comes to lighting and posing which are quite different. Unfortunately there aren’t many places in SA to study these techniques and she had to do a lot of her studying for this through overseas institutes. She also has an absolute heart for making a fuller figure women feel as beautiful as she deserves to feel and helping her see it too.

Who are boudoir shoots best for :

Curvaceous women
Moms who need a confidence booster
Women giving that “ special someone “ a gift
Women who want to explore their self worth
Women of any age or size

What to wear :

Something lacy
High heels
Sexy underwear
Body suite and bustier
Corset and suspenders
Fish net stockings
A mans over sized shirt
Favourite outfit

Where did boudoir begin :

It began in the 1920’s when boudoir art and photography really began to be a style of its own. During this decade, it was generally illegal to have nudity in photographs, but regardless, photographers like Albert Arthur Allen, a French artist, continued to create masterpieces. The french word boudoir, historically stands for the private suites of rooms of a “ lady “ or upper-class women, for bathing, dressing, adjacent to her bedchamber.

What is boudoir photography

A personal experience that a women takes about love and rediscovering her own beauty, they have sensual photos of themselves, which are not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but rather for private viewing by a select few. Pictures taken in boudoir style are more suggestive , rather than explicit and typically feature women who don’t regularly model.

What to do with the photos:

Drink a glass of champagne and celebrate your beauty
Love yourself more each time you look at them
Create a photo book
Print one on a canvas and hang it above your bed
Share one or two on social media
Use a head shot as a teaser for profile images on various social media platforms
Have your girlfriends over and share your path of self discovery with them

Looking through her lens, Sharon observes the happiness in the world. She loves the way she makes women feel, one could say she is a “ photo therapist “ . She becomes a presence in their lives and shares in their stories and what they aim to get out of a photoshoot both mentally and emotionally. Climbing on chairs, walls and ladders, crouching on the floor, peering through door handles, Sharon is photographing the strengths of each women.

What I loved is that Sharon does not have a checklist of poses, she poses each women and flaunts what makes her look best. With some guidance Sharon manipulates the results through the clever use of lightening, posing ( chin up 🙂 ), wardrobe and lens choice. However its not so intense that you won’t recognise yourself.

The pictures are a souvenir of this transforming experience. Taking them out of the cupboard a year later will remind you of that special day. Sharon wants to reveal women as they are, not what others want them to be or think they should be.

Fantastic news for Sharon she was recently accepted as a member of the global boudoir photography association. Established in 2009, AIBP is an association with members spanning six continents.  As a distinguished AIBP Member, Sharon falls under professionals who guide the standards in the bona fide boudoir industry.  AIBP isn’t an association for hobbyists, enthusiasts and lookiloos – it is a generous and knowledgable collective of some of the best boudoir talent from all around the world.

Power of the moment caught in a photo.
Remember “ courage is not a requirement .. just your curves “ by Sharon Le Roux

Facebook: curvaceous photography
call 072 748 7685

Make – up Artist: Louise from LS Metamorphic Makeup
Zanel from Meraki Makeup