Embrace the vibrant energy of the locals and at the same time discover historical sites and stunning architecture of an inner-city experience. Encountering the city from a bicycle is an eco-friendly form of travel that ensures you get the true feel for the city and its people.

I set out feeling slightly apprehensive, I last cycled over 10 years ago. My head was swirling with so many questions, would I manage to ride a bicycle for a couple of hours ( wondering about my fitness levels at this point ), was it safe to ride around these suburbs , would it be worth my while ? Well those thoughts of insecurity vanished in a flash. Riding a bicycle is a skill we never loose, the bikes had gears making it a breeze for the one or two up hills we endured. I felt 100 % safe, the local communities know Franck Leya, the CEO of Honest Travel Experiences so when they see the group peddling along there are many welcoming greetings shouted across the streets. Was it worth my while ? what a silly question, it was worth more than its weight in gold – I loved it.

Frank , CEO of Honest Travel

Cycling along, the pace allows you to soak in your surroundings in a way that you cannot appreciate from your car window. When something grabbed my attention we could stop and photograph it or talk about it. I have always had a love for the city and have been fascinated by its many faces, so to get up close and personal just made it all the more special.

The Barnato Gates

We set out from Ponte where we received a briefing on our bikes, safety talk and the route we would take. Working through a section of Hillbrow and learning about the 31 December activities that take place each year we moved on to see the Barnato gates at the old Johannesburg Girls school. Feeling peckish we stopped for a Kato , an authentic South African street food, it was mouth watering and incredibly filling. Next stop was the Door of Hope, aka The hole in the wall, where abandoned babies are left. Touching on Yeoville, attention was paid to the many historic synagogues, churches and old houses. Free wheeling down Stewart Drive was exhilarating, I was having a blast. The freedom and fun of being in command of my bike, knowing that the brakes where all that stopped me becoming a part of the tar mack gave the adrenaline an extra boost.

Leaving Ponte, wearing our facemarks

Cruising the streets of Bertams, Ellis Park and finally finishing off in Bezuidenhout Valley for high tea at Moon Valley ,with the many talented actors and actresses was the perfect way to end a day, filled with adventure and appreciation of the City of Gold.

Street store in Bertrams

What you will gain from this experience :

A wealth of information
Increase your fitness levels
Meet new people and make many friends
Contribute to the local communities with buying local
See the lifestyles of people beyond the usual tourist sites
Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sounds of a bustling city
Personal interaction with the local guides – the glue that holds the tour together.
An authentic and rewarding way to interact with the variety of cultures
A huge dose of the “ WOW “ factor
Expertly designed trip to ensure every moment matters
A photo album on your camera or phone, that celebrates the art, culture and people

Tour Highlights:
A full day experience on pedals, exploring some hidden gems
Enjoy a traditional African street food – the Kota
Short skit performance put on at Moon Valley but local actors and actresses
Feel the hospitality of the locals as you traverse the streets
Unforgettable scenery
Outstanding adventure
Free wheel down the dramatic Stewart Drive
Venture through the forgotten streets of the older Johannesburg suburbs

Characters from Moon Valley

I learnt so much as I peddled along I love being a tourist in my own city. Travel local is so important as we should all know what is on our door step and the history and people that surrounds us.
Honest Travel Experiences creates the magic,having been in the tourism sector for over 7 years they know how to cater for individuals needs as well as support local communities by giving back.
This epic bike tour lets you enjoy the urban beauty of Johannesburg and its diverse people, I will cherish this experience for a life time.