Cradle Moon Lodge

For a bush experience just outside the city this location is ideal. Cradle Moon conservancy was created with the sole goal of rehabilitation and environmental ethics. The Conservancy is made up of the farms of Zwartkop and Driefontmein incorporating Cradle Moon Lakeside Lodge .

Cradle Moon Lodge , The Crocodile River

I visited many years ago when it was still called Heia Safari Ranch and never forgot what it was like to sit at the pool of the restaurant and watch the zebra close by on the vast lawns. The friendliness of the zebras hasn’t changed, I came into contact with them while doing a 5km hike. A protective mom kept her baby close by but curiosity still brought her right up to us with the skittish wildebeest watching, ready to dart at any moment.

Cradle Moon lodge, Zebra

The multitude of game includes rhino, leopard, eland, kudu, springbuck, brown hyena, jackal, aardwolf, impala and duiker. The best way to see them is to book a game drive with an experienced game ranger who will take you around the 1600 hectare property. Boat cruises are also available for those who want to enjoy the birdlife away from the banks of the dam.

Cradle Moon Lake

With the largest stone dam in Africa , Cradle Moon Lake is well worth a visit. All the stones used to construct the dam where taken from the site, 50 000 bags of cement were used when the stones were packed in place by hand. The dam wall stands 20m high and is 300m wide and just short of 10m thick. The dam comprises of five crests with a walkway along one of them that allows visitors to stand in awe and appreciate the magnitude of the dam wall.

Cradle Moon Lake, dam wall

The three middle crests are of different levels , with the middle one being the lowest. It is constantly flowing with astonishing rainbows of colour that form as the water crashes down the wall creating a mist that sprays in visitors faces, cooling them off after a good hike.The crest on the left hand side only flows during the heavy rainfall season, and is a sight to be hold.

Cradle Moon Dam

Built on the Crocodile River , this natural water feature with sparkling blue waters has attracted various species of birds including a pair of fish eagles.

Cradle Moon dam

With so much to do on the property the African style bungalows are perfect . The 50 thatched rondavels are an escape from city life, with no televisions one can enjoy the sounds of nature. Early morning is the start of a new day filled with endless possibilities the question is which activity to start with, will it be early morning fly fishing , a walk along either the 5km or 9km route, a cycle on designated routes, or maybe a swim in the dam that has been used for various events including the Midmar Mile qualification rounds.

Cradle Moon Lodge

Stopping of at the dam wall for a longer than whats normal photo session with my boys we moved onto the new restaurant situated on the dam wall. Sweeping views of the dam and sounds of chatter and laughter from the near by beach ( yes a beach in the middle of the bush ) reminded me of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country.

The beach

Although most people go for a day outing there is so much to do here I would suggest a full weekend to appreciate all the offerings. Being in the bush relaxes a person, taking it slow means smelling the flora which will create a memory that will reignite a desire to return each time you get a whiff of it.

Cradle Moon dam