About Me

My first trip overseas was at the age of 17 years to Germany, I was hooked. I wanted to see the world. With a sense of adventure, I knew what my life long dream was – travel the world, meet interesting people and eat all types of cuisine.

Every great adventure starts with the spark of an idea and then the scheming begins. I have tried weird food including mopani worms, flown thousands of miles, stayed in remote villages, had an elephant ride, been kicked by a zebra, learnt to speak a new language and made so many friends. Travel means to explore, expand your horizons from all levels be it emotionally, psychically or intellectually.

You don’t need to be rich to travel, just find the balance, like take a bus and that will give you some extra money to stay in a better hotel or do some extra sight seeing. This is my favourite way of travelling across Turkey, I see the changing landscapes and can enjoy the journey as much as the destination. A tourist travels for pleasure, a traveler is determined to get a glimpse of life as a local in a foreign place.

I am brilliant at finding bargain deals on hotels, discovering little gems like hide away boutique hotels and bazaars and markets filled with trinkets and jewels are all part of my special experiences.

A coffee addict, I can’t start a day without a cup of coffee and I end a day with a cup of coffee. With this weakness any country I step foot in means sniffing out the fruppachino on a hot summers day.

Of the seven continents I have been to four.

I have been to no less than 40 countries, this includes living in the USA for a year and travelling extensively, staying in Germany for 6 weeks, Turkey 35 times, Georgia 4, Botswana 3 times, Russia, Mozambique 4 times and of course travelling inside of my own country non stop.

Food is another aspect of my life that makes my travels complete. A tasty meal or a dessert dripping in sugar sends warm rushes to my heart. Its almost impossible to decline an invitation with the locals when I smell their foods.

As a girl who does everything wearing blue jeans,it was only natural to name my blog girlinbluejeans. Live in the moment and enjoy it as if it where you last. The world is here for us to explore and meet the rest of man kind. Its an amazing placing, filled with opportunity and infinite pleasures.

We’re not here to just be alive, we’re here to live.

Wildly. Passionately

Remember if you feel your dreams and live your dreams the rewards are plenty. Travel is the best antidote to even the smallest hiccup in life.


Happy travels

Girl in Blue Jeans